2016 Performers


"Known as the DJ who rocks dance floor after dance floor with flair and composure, DJ GREs ability to read the crowds vibe and predict the right track to keep them dancing is uncanny and needs to be seen live to be believed."

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Termination Dust

Termination Dust is a 4 piece Dream Pop band from Anchorage. The sound is complete with overlapping spooky harmonies and poppy songs with lyrics that will throw you back to that awful breakup you had--but then remind you that you are so much freaking happier without that jerk anyway. Find Termination Dust's new Album Familiar Eyes on bandcamp and follow them on Facebook. 

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La Libertà is a music group from the windy wilds of the northern California coast, whose sometimes playful and often haunting music promotes love and understanding of the human condition. 

La Libertà'

s honest songs and tender 3-part harmonies are welcome medicine for all of us who tenderly and fiercely carve our own way.

Ariel Schmidtke

Ariel Schmidtke was born on one of the numerous islands in Puget Sound. She became a gymnast at the age of three, complementing her training by climbing trees and fire escapes.

She relocated to Bellingham at the age of eighteen to study English with thoughts of writing stories and drawing little illustrations. Her academic career was slightly disrupted when she walked through an alley near the downtown area and discovered a door with “circus” scribbled across it. Thus her involvement with the Bellingham Circus Guild began.

Ariel has continued to be a member of the Bellingham Circus Guild for many years with brief escapades to other cities for training. She has studied at SANCA (Seattle), Versatile Arts (Seattle), The San Francisco Circus Center and Academie Fratellini (Paris).

Ariel's focus is show development and choreography. In 2011 she co-wrote and produced her first full length circus show “Death is the Beginning," and she recently finished her newest show "A Length of Rope."

 She hopes to continue writing shows and would like to take them on the road, sharing wonder and excitement with small communities across the country.

Anna Tivel

Portland, Oregon

Anna was raised in the forest and farmland of rural northern Washington and currently calls Portland, OR home. Her songs reflect both the stark colors of small town life, and the hard, sharp lines of the city. Anna’s album, 

Before Machines

, was hailed by No Depression as “raw, yet superbly composed and executed, intelligent, personal and deeply expressive.” Her newest album, 

Heroes Waking Up

, was produced by guitar mastermind Austin Nevins (Josh Ritter, Anais Mitchell, Kris Delmhorst). The album was released by Portland's well-loved Fluff and Gravy Records and called "vastly expressive in its stark beauty," by Glide Magazine.

The Dirty Hands

Girdwood, Alaska

One of the most unique and varied live shows in Alaska, 

The Dirty Hands

 continue to win fans by challenging the status quo with a mixture of styles and musical influences. The band provides numerous arrangements organized for any size venue or atmosphere. From full on festival rock outs, to intimate, small bars; 

The Dirty Hands’

 music has no rhythmic, melodic, or dynamic boundary.

The Dirty Hands

 bring a myriad of influences to the table, synthesizing all of their common and individual musical interests into one sound…that is uniquely “

The Dirty Hands

.” Born in Girdwood, Alaska, the band is a multi­-genre, blues centric, sextet. The band members seek to broaden the dynamic and depth of their music, inspired from all corners of the United States, covering a breadth of influence steeped in blues, jazz, and rock.

Sean Patrick:

 vox, guitar, bass, piano

Chris Lesesne:

 vox, guitar, bass, piano

Andrew Saden:

 drums, aux. percussion

David LeHew

: piano/organ, trombone, aux. percussion

Jon Bubon:

 piano/organ, vox

Eli Whitney:

 alto/baritone saxophone, flute

Darren Hanlon


Darren Hanlon grew in a place described in tourist brochures as: “the town that saved Queensland”. The grandiose statement refers to the discovery of gold in Gympie in 1867. The house overlooking the river in the Southside of the regional town contained his parents, his sister and their scant record collection but it seemed the two albums played continually were Kenny Rodgers ‘Greatest Hits’ and Slim Dustys ‘This is Your Life’ which they’d all listen to from their rooms at bedtime. “We might even get to hear side 2 if dad stayed awake long enough to get out of bed and turn it over,” he remembers.

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Jeffery Martin

Portland, Oregon

“Jeff Martin was my favorite Northwest discovery last year! His fluid, expressive vocal style fits perfectly with this unique balance of universal insight and personal experiences in songs. Jeff already deserves to be mentioned in the upper tier of national songwriters.”

— Mike Meyer, KRVM-fm, Hope Chest Productions

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The Hannah Yoter Band

Anchorage, Alaska

Since moving back to Alaska from North Carolina, Hannah has assembled a band and refined her sound that sits right in the middle of Americana roots and classic country. Hannah and her band have traveled all over ths state of Alaska for numerous performances and opened for acts such as Lonestar and The California Honeydrops. Earlier this year Hannah finished her self titled EP and the band is curently working towards a full length album. The Anchorage Press says, "Hannah's rich voice will stay with you long after the show" 

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The Homo Superior presents

A Solitary Candle

the music of David Bowie

Homer, Alaska

        Formerly, the Mother Superior, a group of twelve Homer musicians performed the Beatles White Album show to a sold out crowd at the TapRoot in 2014.  The band name has changed to the Homo Superior for this performance of A Solitary Candle - the Music of David Bowie.  The “core” band includes seven of Homer’s finest musicians.   Joining them are eight string and horn players. Spanning decades of great David Bowie music, the evening will consist of excellent performances of over thirty songs and great dancing moments.

Musicians in Photo left to right:

Megan Murphy - percussion, vocals, keyboards Jennifer King - bass, violin

Johnny B. - piano, keyboards

Tyler Munns - vocals, guitar

Dylan Smith - bass, vocals Steve Collins - guitar, vocals Ian McCullough - drums


Rudy Multz


Daniel Perry, Trina Uvaas, Cathy Stingley, Gabriela Husmann, Tom Klinker, Bobby Creamer


Jon Sharp, Amy Johnson 

La Dee Da

Oakland, CA


La Dee Da

 “contrasts epic rock with flights of fancy” (Joshua Teehee, Fresno Bee) with lush arrangements, whimsical lyrics and adventurous pop sensibility. Songwriter/keyboardist 

Rosie Steffy

’s captivating vocals lead listeners on an exploration of shifting musical realms spiced with virtuosic improvisations by flutist 

Rebecca Kleinmann

 and tasty grooves laid down by Aaron Handler on upright bass and Daniel Fleischer on the drums.

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the Super Saturated Sugar Strings

Anchorage, Alaska

Powerful, funky and alt-folky, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings has a very special, sweet sound, rich with vocal harmonies and puts on a mesmerizing show. Their gypsy-country vibe has won the group high honors locally in the annual Press Picks contest, and has stirred a large congregation of dedicated fans. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, the Sugar Strings have shared the stage with artists such as Devotchka, The Builders and The Butchers, The Head and the Heart, Shook Twins, and The Deadly Gentlemen. 

Each show is specially crafted, be it at an art gallery in Homer, a raucous crowd at the Bear Tooth Theatre, or a collaborative, theatrical presentation on a large stage. Their audiences are diverse, from train hoppers to moms to music hounds to college students to grandpas getting cramps from dancing too hard. The Sugar Strings' look and sound is contemporary yet nostalgic, with a hum of antiquity. There's an element of carnival sideshow meets back-alley speakeasy to this group's groove.

The group formed in 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska and includes Kat Moore on vocals, piano, keyboard, and percussion; Carlyle Watt on vocals, guitar, and percussion; Theresa Watt on cello; Miriah Phelps on violin; Logan Bean on trumpet; Kevin Worrell on bass. 

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The Modern Savage

Anchorage, Alaska

High energy indie rock, Alaska-grown, alternative power pop!  In the vein of Yeah Yea Yeahs, Metric, Blondie and Interpol. 

Members include Jenni May (vocals), John Cripps (Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocals), Matt Eley (Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocals), Ivan Moleskin (Bass) and David Devlin (Drums).

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The Moosefits

Seward, Alaska

The Moosefits were formed in Seward Alaska on Halloween of 2015. They play faithful renditions of classic Misfits songs as well as a few more with Alaskan themed lyrics.


Seward Arts Council