The Seward Music & Arts Festival is a 100% volunteer driven event, from the folks who put together the bands to the folks who swamp the floors.    We need people like you to make this event happen!

All volunteer shifts are 4-hours long.  Signing up for one shift will earn you free admission for one day.  Signing up for two or more shifts will earn you free admission for the weekend, beer tickets (21 and older) and a SMAF t-shirt.  If you have even more time to volunteer, the rewards get even sweeter, just ask! 



Responsible for introducing performers and making general announcements. 


Responsible for taking entrance fees, handling money, giving correct change and giving stamps and/or bracelets appropriately.  


Responsible for selling SMAF gear, handling money, giving correct change and tracking SMAF inventory.


Responsible for checking and emptying garbage cans, checking and filling water jugs, tidying and restocking bathrooms and general clean up duties. (This job sounds the least appealing but it allows you to walk around the festival and not get stuck in one spot for 4-hours.)

Children's Area

Responsible for watching over children's area, entertaining children and keeping area clean & tidy.


Please contact us for a full list of responsibilities. 

Set Up

We will announce what day we have access to start decorating and you can come to the terminal within any of those hours! 

Clean Up

All clean up help is very much appreciated as well and will start on Sunday evening after the last show and continue until the terminal is clean.

Seward Music & Arts Festival Volunteer Info
Seward Music & Arts Festival Volunteers